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Remove & Connect Charger

Begin by flipping your Vejo upside down to remove the charging capsule. Insert one end of the USB-C cord into the charging port and the other end into the power adapter. Plug into a power outlet.

Charge Vejo

Place the Vejo lid directly on top of the charging capsule (charge for up to 4 hours). The light on the lid flashes orange while charging and turns solid green once fully charged. One charge lasts for up to 30 blends.

Fill Blender

To make a blend, fill your Vejo with cold water to the fill line just below the inner lip (approx. 180ml). Don’t add other ingredients like ice or fruit!

Peel & Load

Wähle einen Blend und schüttle ihn, um das Pulver zu lockern. Entferne die Folie. Stecke den Blend kopfüber in Deinen Vejo und drücke ihn nach unten, bis er fest sitzt.

Twist to Blend

Place the lid on the bottle and twist clockwise until you hear a “click.” Your Vejo will begin blending automatically; after 30 seconds, your Vejo will stop on its own and the lid’s light will turn solid green. Your blend is ready.

Ready to Drink

Remove the lid, take out the empty pod and drink your blend. Drinking directly from the bottle reduces waste and is encouraged. Enjoy!

Clean carefully

Only wipe the lid with a damp cloth. Direct contact with water can damage the electronics. Wash the bottle with hot water immediatelly after use. Please do not put your Vejo in the dishwasher.